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Small and exquisite and beautiful in line, the knife is fully interpreted

Shaving knives, also known as flower knives, are used in the linear processing of small workpieces, or on the surface of modeling veneers. According to the design drawings of furniture designers, we convert them into practical shaving knives to meet customer needs.


Double-edged straight knife

Double-edged straight knives can make the cutting surface smooth and flat at moderate feed speeds. They are used on heavy-duty processing machines for general joining, grooving, splicing, and any basic functions that need to be trimmed to a smooth bottom. The bottom of the knife edge is not suitable for as drilling.


​Rounding knife

This knife is specially used to decorate the corners of furniture, and adds bearing design for users, changing the traditional operation mode, and can provide a smoother cutting effect for a variety of cutting angles.


trimming knife

Double-edged straight knife with bearing, the outer diameter of the bottom bearing is the same as the diameter of the knife edge, and the protruding part is trimmed along the surface of the workpiece. It is mainly used for surface veneering of MDF and PB boards, and can also be used in the production of wood samples with basic templates. The above two situations are especially suitable for trimming of straight edges.


​External tooth triangular tenon knife



TCT straight knife

The tungsten steel alloy material is embedded in the steel, this design can ensure the cutting strength and service life of the tool when the small diameter tool is working.


​eccentric triangular tenon knife


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